March 2022 Form Revisions

March 2022 Form Revisions

Thursday, April 21, 2022

District Court:

  • The reference to the word “Recklessly” removed from the following Spanish domestic abuse forms (not in the language of the statute.)
    • DC 19:9 Domestic Abuse, Protection Order Information - Spanish
    • DC 19:10 Domestic Abuse, Ex Parte Domestic Abuse Protection Order (or Renewal) - Spanish
    • DC 19:11B Domestic Abuse, Modified Domestic Abuse Protection Order (or Renewal) - Spanish
    • DC 19:13 Domestic Abuse, Order to Show Cause (or Renewal) - Spanish
    • DC 19:20 Order Affirming Domestic Abuse Protection Order  (or Renewal) - Spanish

County Court and District Court:

  • CC 1:14 Request for a Typewritten Transcription of a Trial or Proceeding in District Court or County Court (Full or Partial)  - Changed the reference to the "court" providing an estimate of the cost to "official court reporter or privately contracted court transcriber"
  • CC 13:24 Request for Transcript or Bill of Exceptions - Added space for being paid for by government agency, State of Nebraska, or political subdivision thereof. – More changes pending.
  • DC 3:01 Registration of E-Mail Address for Self Represented Litigant - Un-hid the gdn/consv type for global.  This did not change the revision date.

Nebraska Supreme Court Rule Appendix:

  • Ch6Art14App3 Waiver/Fine Schedule - Revisions adopted by Supreme Court, effective immediately.


  • HR 2:03 Statement for payment of Substitute Reporting Services – Added "email to

Form Updates PDF: 

Form Updates

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