§ 6-1453. Preliminary hearings in felony cases.

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§ 6-1453. Preliminary hearings in felony cases.

   (A) Transcript of Pleadings. In cases where the defendant is ordered bound over to the district court, the original case file shall be transmitted to the clerk of the district court. The register of actions of the case in the county court shall be updated to show the actions in the county court, and the action of transmitting the record shall be recorded on the register of actions.

   (B) Transcript of Testimony.

   (1) Request for transcription. A transcript of testimony may be ordered by a party to the action. The request shall specify which portions of the evidence should be included in the transcript.

   (2) Payment. A transcript of testimony, when ordered, shall be prepared and paid for as described in § 6-1452(B)(7)(a).

   (C) Cover Sheet. The county court shall prepare a cover sheet and a certificate of costs, showing whether costs have been paid or are still owed.

Rule 53 adopted September 1987. Renumbered and codified as § 6-1453, effective July 18, 2008.