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This page provides access to the forms currently available to the public and attorneys through the Administrative Office of the Courts. These forms are from Supreme Court rules, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Pro Se Litigation and other organizations. 

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If you are having continued difficulty opening a form, or saving it to your device as a completed PDF fillable form, please contact Forms Coordinator Christina Werner at Christina.werner@nebraska.gov.

Title/Download Number Instructions Languagesort descending
Affidavit in Support of Personal Recognizance Bond (English/Spanish) CC 13:23 English
Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment and Application for New Trial CC 4:9 English
Voluntary Appearance Letter for Paternity, Custody, Parenting Time, and Child Support DC 6:8(5) Instructions English
Certificate of Mailing CC 16:2.49 English
Affidavit and Motion for Bench Warrant and Commitment to Issue (Divorce) DC 6:5(25) Instructions English
Pre-trial Findings and Order JC 14:11(3) English
Personal and Financial Information of Parties for Estates and Trusts (Based on Ch 6 Art 14, App 8) CC 15:4 English
Notice of Limited Appearance (submitted by attorney) ASD 3:11 English
Notice of Emergency Nomination of the Public Guardian and Certificate of Mailing CC 16:2.128 English
Consent for the Name Change of a Minor Child DC 6:11(3) Instructions English
Waiver and Plea of Guilty CC 2:1 English
Plaintiff's Claim and Notice to Defendant (Small Claims) (CC 4:1) ch6art14app4 English
Certificate of Proof of Possession CC 16:2.13 English
Appearance Bond DC 3:1 English
Notice of Rights of an In Custody Defendant (English/Spanish) CC 13:22 English
Satisfaction of Judgment CC 4:8 English
Complaint for Paternity, Custody, Parenting Time, and Child Support DC 6:8(3) Instructions English
Certificate of mailing annual budget reporting forms CC 16:2.48 English
Order (Child Support - Contempt) DC 6:5(24) Instructions English
Arraignment JC 14:11(2) English
Release of Claim CC 15:3 English
Affidavit and Application for Preparation of Real Estate Assignment Certificate DC 6:4(7) English
Order Acknowledging Receipt of Transferred Case and Certificate of Mailing CC 16:2.127 English
Legal Notice for Publication - Name Change Minor Child DC 6:11(2) Instructions English
Statement for Payment of Interpreters AD 2:05 English
Nebraska Juror Qualification Form ch6art10appa English
Proof of Restricted Account from Depository or Financial Institution CC 16:2.11 English
Registration of E-Mail Address for Self Represented Litigant DC 3:01 English