Master Forms List

Master Forms List

This page provides access to the forms currently available to the public and attorneys through the Administrative Office of the Courts. These forms are from Supreme Court rules, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Pro Se Litigation and other organizations. 

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Title/Download Number Instructions Language Revised
Terminate, Minor, Motion to Terminate Guardianship/Conservatorship CC 16:3.2 English Apr 2016
Terminate, Minor, Waiver of Final Report/Accounting Voluntary Appearance; Receipt and Request for Discharge of a Guardian/Conservator of a Minor who Reaches Age 19 CC 16:2.60 English Jun 2015
Terminate, Order Terminating Guardianship, Approving Final Inventory and Accounting, Administration Expenses, Attorney Fees, Discharge of Guardian and Release of Bond CC 16:3.25 English Jul 2019
Termination of Parental Rights Finding and Order JC 14:11.8 English Jun 2019
Transfer of License Status Request ("Disability Inactive") ASD 3:13 English Jan 2019
Transfer of License Status Request ("Inactive to Active" and "Active to Inactive") ASD 3:06 English Oct 2019
Updated Inventory CC 16:2.45 English Sep 2016
Updated Inventory (Spanish) CC 16:2.45 Spanish Nov 2015
Victim Information Neb Ct. R. §6-1524 Apendix 5 ch6art15app5 English Sep 2015
Victim Information, County Court, Confidential ch6art14app13 English Sep 2015
Visitor or Guardian Ad Litem Report When the Public Guardian is Nominated for Appointment CC 16:2.93 English Jan 2018
Vital Statistics Certificate (Bureau of Vital Statistics Worksheet) English Jun 2006
Voluntary Appearance DC 6:4.3 Instructions English Jun 2019
Voluntary Appearance (Spanish) DC 6:4.3 Instructions Spanish Jun 2019
Voluntary Appearance (Vietnamese) DC 6:4.3 Instructions Vietnamese Jun 2019
Voluntary Appearance Letter DC 6:8.5 Instructions English Jun 2019
Waiver and Plea of Guilty CC 2:1 English May 2017
Waiver and Plea of Guilty (Spanish) CC 2:1 Spanish Jun 2019
Waiver of Notice on Termination of Child Support DC 6:2.1 Instructions English Jun 2019
Waiver of Parental Consent - Abortion, Instructions JC 14:6 English Aug 2011
Waiver/Fine Schedule ch6art14app6 English Jan 2018
Warrantless Arrest Affidavit CC 6:53 English Aug 2014
Warrants and Commitments Return CC 6:52 English Aug 2019
Witness and Exhibit List CC 6:18 English Oct 2017
Worksheet - Divorce with Children English Aug 2015
Worksheet - Divorce with No Children English Aug 2015
Worksheet 1 - Basic Net Income and Support Calculation (DC 6:1.1) worksheet 1 English Jan 2016
Worksheet 2 - Split Custody Calculation (DC 6:1.2) worksheet 2 English Oct 2007
Worksheet 3 - Calculation for Joint Physical Custody (DC 6:1.3) worksheet 3 English Jul 2007
Worksheet 4 - Number of Children Calculation (DC 6:1.4) worksheet 4 English Oct 2007
Worksheet 5 - Deviations to Child Support Guidelines (DC 6:1.5) worksheet 5 English Jan 2020
Worksheet 6 - Imputation of Childcare Tax Credit (DC 6:1.6) worksheet 6 English Jan 2016
Worksheet for Modification of Custody or Parenting Plan DC 6:15.2 English Jun 2019
Youth Court Questionnaire (Under 19) JC 14:11.13 English Jun 2019