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This page provides access to the forms currently available to the legal community and the public through the Administrative Office of the Courts. These forms are from Supreme Court rules, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Pro Se Litigation and other organizations. They are organized under the court in which they are used, or you may enter the topic or title of the form in the search box above for quicker access.

Adobe Reader XI allows for saving filled-in data on a PDF form. Please download the newest version to take advantage of this feature. Displaying 1 - 38 of 38 forms.
Attorney Services
Attorney Admissions
ADA Testing Forms (updated March 2015) English
Affidavit as to Applicant’s Moral Character English
Authorization and Release English
Character and Fitness Standards
Criminal Case Amendment Form English
Dean's Certification of Completion of Law School English
Emergency Preparedness Plan
Employment Amendment Form English
Form 1 - Military Service (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 13) (updated March 2015) English
Form 10 – For Applicants Previously Admitted in New York (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 6) (updated March 2015) English
Form 2 – Bonding Companies (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 18) (updated March 2015) English
Form 3 – Record of Civil Actions (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 19) (updated March 2015) English
Form 3A – Record of Administrative Actions (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 20) (updated March 2015) English
Form 4 – Record of Bankruptcy or Insolvency (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 23) (updated March 2015) English
Form 5 – Record of Criminal Cases (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 21A & Q. 22) (updated March 2015) English
Form 5T – Record of Moving Traffic Violations (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 21B) (updated March 2015) English
Form 6 – Debts: Defaults, Past Due, Revocations (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 25) (updated March 2015) English
Form 7 - Medical Release and Authorization English
Form 8 – Description of Condition or Impairment (supplement to character & fitness application Q. 26B) English
General Amendment Form English
Law School Request for Certification English
Motion for Pro Hac Vice Admission and Oath
Name Change Amendment Form English
Oath of Applicant English
Policy on Applicants with a Disability
Residential Address Amendment Form English
Revisions Form English
Traffic Violations Amendment Form English
Attorney Licensure
Application for Resignation of Membership (updated February 2015) English
Financial Institutions Approved for Attorney Trust Accounts
In-House Counsel Registration and/or Renewal Application
Reinstatement of Membership After Suspension Form (updated March 2015) English
Reinstatement of Membership Status After Resignation Form (updated March 2015) English
Transfer of License Status Form (updated March 2015) English
Request for Credit for Teaching Application English
Request for Waiver, Exemption or Extension Applications English
Unauthorized Practice of Law, Commission of
Unauthorized Practice of Law Complaint Form