Master Forms List

Master Forms List

This page provides access to the forms currently available to the public and attorneys through the Administrative Office of the Courts. These forms are from Supreme Court rules, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Pro Se Litigation and other organizations. 

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Title/Download Number Language Revised
Annual Accounting CC 16:2.44 English Feb 2015
Annual Accounting (fillable) CC 16:2.44 English Feb 2015
Annual Report of Guardian on Condition of Ward/Incapacitated Person CC 16:2.14 English Nov 2015
Application for Approval of Annual Accounting and/or Fees CC 16:2.29 English Apr 2016
Application for Approval of Monthly Budget of Guardian, updated Inventory, Notice of Right to Object When a Hearing Has Been Scheduled, and Certificate of Mailing CC 16:2.41 English Sep 2019
Certificate of Mailing, Annual Budget Reporting Forms CC 16:2.48 English Dec 2016
Certificate of Mailing, Annual Reporting Form(s) CC 16:2.24 English Jan 2017
Certificate of Mailing, Application for Approval of Accounting and/or Fees CC 16:2.28 English Dec 2016
Financial Institution, Certificate of Proof of Possession CC 16:2.13 English Mar 2016
Memo to Guardians and Conservators Regarding Amended Neb. Ct. R. §6-1433 CC 16:2.66 English May 2015
Notice of Interested Party CC 16:2.10 English Jan 2015
Order for Approval of Annual Accounting and/or Fees CC 16:2.50 English Apr 2016
Packet A (Guardianship Annual Reporting Forms) CC 16:2.33 English Sep 2019
Packet B (Guardianship with Budget Annual Reporting Forms) CC 16:2.34 English Sep 2019
Packet C (Conservatorship Annual Reporting Forms) CC 16:2.35 English Sep 2019
Packet D (Guardianship and Conservatorship Annual Reporting Forms) CC 16:2.36 English Sep 2019
Packet E (Guardianship with no Authority Over the Estate of the Ward Annual Reporting Forms) CC 16:2.37 English Sep 2019
Personal and Financial Information for Guardianships and Conservatorships CC 16:2.23 English Sep 2019
Updated Inventory CC 16:2.45 English Sep 2016