Master Forms List

Master Forms List

This page provides access to the forms currently available to the public and attorneys through the Administrative Office of the Courts. These forms are from Supreme Court rules, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Self-Represented Litigation Committee and other organizations. 

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Title/Download Number Instructions Language Revised
Adjudication Findings and Order JC 14:11.4 English Jun 2019
Arraignment JC 14:11.2 English Jun 2019
Caregiver Information Form JC 14:11.11 English Jun 2019
Case Transfer Summary Form JC 14:9 English Jan 2016
Court Reporting Personnel or Clerk Certification of No Record - Use temporarily until it is available in the Court Reporting Personnel Portal CC 9:94 English Jan 2022
Disposition Findings and Order JC 14:11.5 English Jun 2019
Downloading Adobe Reader and Changing Browser Settings Downloading Adobe Reader and Changing Browser Settings English Aug 2021
Flowchart, Juvenile Abuse and Neglect (3A) AD 2:32 English Oct 2019
Flowchart, Nebraska Court Structure Process of Appeal AD 2:24 English Aug 2023
Guardian Ad Litem Checklist JC 14:5 English Jun 2015
Guardian Ad Litem Checklist (Spanish)/ Lista Del Tutor Ad Litem JC 14:5 Spanish Jan 2016
Instructions for Your Record Sealing Hearing JC 15:5 English May 2011
Motion for Bridge Order and Notice of Hearing JC 14:13 English Jun 2018
Motion to Seal Records (Juvenile) JC 15:1 Instructions English Aug 2023
Navigating the Forms Master List Navigating the Forms Master List English Nov 2019
Notice: Information About Sealing Juvenile Records JC 15:4 English Sep 2019
Notification to the County Attorney for Records Not Automatically Sealed JC 15:10 English Feb 2020
Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem JC 14:11.9 English Jun 2019
Order for Pre-Hearing Conference JC 14:11.10 English Jun 2020
Parental Consent - Abortion, Order and Findings of Fact JC 14:10 English Aug 2011
Parental Consent - Abortion, Petition for Waiver of JC 14:7 English Mar 2022
Parental Consent - Notice of Appeal JC 14:8 English Jan 2022
PDF Printing Tips PDF Printing Tips English Dec 2020
Permanency Hearing Findings and Order JC 14:11.7 English Jun 2019
Petition for Order of Transport and Financial Assistance to Return Out-of-State Runaway CC 7:13 English Feb 2021
Pre-trial Findings and Order JC 14:11.3 English Jun 2019
Protective Custody Findings and Order JC 14:11.1 English Jun 2019
Registration of Email Address for Self Represented Litigant DC 3:01 English Jan 2022
Release of Sealed Records, Defendant's Request DC 1:12 Instructions English Mar 2022
Report of Guardian Ad Litem (Juvenile) ch6art17app1 English Nov 2022
Request for Extension - Bill of Exceptions CC 9:95 English Jan 2022
Review Hearing Findings and Order JC 14:11.6 English Jun 2019
Sibling, Complaint to Intervene - By Guardian/Next Friend JC 15:12 English Mar 2022
Sibling, Complaint to Intervene - By Sibling JC 15:11 English Mar 2022
Stipulated Motion for Bridge Order JC 14:14 English Jun 2018
Subpoena (when issued pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 25-1223(5) at the request of a state agency or a party allowed to proceed in forma pauperis) JC 14:2.1 English Nov 2020
Subpoena If issued pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 25-1223(6), For an employee of the State of Nebraska, a political subdivision thereof, or a privately employed security guard. JC 14:2.2 English Nov 2020
Termination of Parental Rights Finding and Order JC 14:11.8 English Jun 2019
Waiver of Parental Consent - Abortion, Instructions JC 14:6 English Aug 2011
Waiver/Fine Schedule Ch6Art14App3 English Mar 2022
Youth Court Questionnaire (Under 19) JC 14:11.13 English Jun 2019